Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Two for One Doctor Appointment

Allie and Hunter were both due for their check up's so I tried something new and scheduled them both together rather than having to make two separate appointments on different days and exposing ourselves to double the germs! It worked out perfectly and Allie and Hunter did great. Hunter was there for his 18 month check up and was measured and weighed. He got lucky and did not need any shots! Poor Allie had to get 4 separate shots, one of them being the tetanus which is very painful. She screamed and swatted at the poor nurse but overall did great. Here are the kids stats:

Hunter: height 32 1/2 inches tall 58%
             weight 23 lbs 5 oz.  17%

Allie: height 39 1/2 inches tall 46%
          weight 37 lbs 67%

The doctor did not seem concerned that Hunter was in the lower 17% for his weight and I am not really concerned either because he is a great eater. I think it is mostly due to the fact that he is so active for his age and he doesn't suck down 4 sippy cups of milk per day like some kids. Since he was breastfed he has never been a big fan of milk but is still drinking at least 2 cups of milk per day. He is also getting plenty of calcium and dairy from string cheese, yogurt, bread, etc He loves yogurt and fruit in general specifically applesauce, apples, watermelon, bananas, oranges, pears, etc. The doctor did mention that most 18 month old kids say about 10 words which Hunter has been doing since he was 1. He can say about 40-50 words clearly. Go Hunter! I think having a big sister helps Hunter developmentally. He constantly mimics Allie. He watches her closely and copies what she does constantly, for example, he will now hold the baby doll and give her a bottle-so cute! He also has learned to build some pretty impressive lego towers!

Allie is a great eater as well and her favorite foods include typical kid foods such as macncheese, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets and cheese pizza. She loves fruits, specifically blueberries, strawberries, apples and applesauce. She has started boycotting bananas after eating one every single morning for the past 4 years of her life! She has decided she does not like them anymore.

After the doctor appointment we walked down to the labor and delivery floor of the hospital and checked out the newborn babies so that Allie could see them. The plan is for Clint to pick up the kids after the baby is born and bring them up to the hospital to meet their baby sister. Should be interesting to see how Hunter reacts! Just a few more days until baby Alexis arrives!

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