Saturday, June 20, 2009

My little ballerina

Allie Rae starts ballet classes next Saturday morning. There are ten other little girls her age in the class and they meet for thirty minutes each Saturday thru August. She is very excited and cant wait to meet her teacher. She loves to put on her leotard and twirl. As you can see in the video she sometimes will bump into things!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Baby Hunter

Baby Hunter is due to arrive on November 4, 2009. We are so excited and have been busy getting ready for his big arrival. Allie is looking forward to being a big sister. She talks to my belly and says 'hi baby Hunter'. Hunter's full name is going to be Hunter Nelson Davis. He is being delivered at St. Francis hospital by Dr. Hicks. The doctor who delivered Allie Rae no longer delivers babies which we are sad about but we do however like our new doctor. She is located in the same practice and has been highly recommended. I am 19 weeks pregnant, it is hard to believe that five months have already gone by!

Daddy Turns 30!

Clint turned 30 on June 6th and to celebrate I planned a surprise birthday dinner at Yamato Japanese Steakhouse. The day started out with Clint being surprised when neighbors started asking him about his birthday, he had yet to see the big bright yellow sign I placed on the front porch for everyone to see! We went to the zoo for the day and Clint thought we were going to dinner, just the three of us. When we arrived at the restaurant he was quite surprsied to see sitting at the table his mom & step father, my parents, our friends Amelie & Troy & my aunt & uncle. Next came yet another surprise (usually Clint does not even like to celebrate birthdays yet alone have cake, ice cream and presents, etc.) when we got home from dinner we sang happy birthday and had ice cream cake followed by his big birthday present being brought inside, his new 6 burner stainless steel Char broil grill! He said that was the first birthday since he was ten years old that he enjoyed & was so surprised that he had no idea about any of the plans.

Allie's 2nd Birthday Party

Allie had a great second birthday! The party was on a Saturday afternoon and the children played outside for the first half, until the rain came that is. They played with the water table and the new baby pool. Once it rained we came inside for Mickey cupcakes & presents. Allie had a blast playing with her friends and it was great to see everyone! Birthday parties seem to get more and more detailed and costly as children get older. Thank you to everyone who came to her birthday party!

We are hoping to take her to see the mouse himself next year on her third birthday and skip the whole birthday party and presents all together. Of course baby Hunter would be too little to ride anything and we are hoping Gigi & Poppy will be willing to watch him for the week. I'm sure after the big adjustment to having a little brother to share mommy & daddy's attention, time and toys Allie will need a break and some one on one time.


Welcome to our blog! I hope to keep an updated blog now that I have more time. I hope to post weekly blogs and pictures to keep everyone up to date with what we are doing. Summer of 2009 is already flying by, should be an interesting one to say the least since I will be pregnant for the whole summer. We are really looking forward to our trip to Myrtle beach in August.

We have already done quite a lot during the month of May & June, ranging from visits to the Children's Museum of Richmond, trips to the swimming pool with Gigi, Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens children's water park, and Busch Garden's to check out Elmo's Forest. Allie even had lunch with Elmo & friends! She has been keeping mommy busy that is for sure. I am working Monday thru Thursday now, just watching one baby which is working out great, allowing me to spend more time with Allie and get more things done to prepare for baby Hunter's arrival.

We found out back in February that we are expecting our second child, a baby boy. This will more than likely be our last child. Simply due to the fact that babies are expensive and our house is running out of room! Now if we win the lottery or Clint gets a big raise then in all honesty I wouldnt mind trying again for another girl!