Sunday, July 22, 2012

Closet Update

this is our messy, unorganized master closet BEFORE the update

this is our closet AFTER the update!

Clint's tie rack

love the new custom closet!!

Fun at the Beach

Playing on the beach

Napping on the beach

Fun with Daddy

Fun with Granny Jan

Hunter loved the sand but not the ocean

breakfast on the balcony

Allie was ready for the beach by 8 am everyday...

Cutest kid on the beach!

Alexis loved the beach & ocean

lunch on the beach

mommy's little water baby

Lex & mommy

Allie & Hunter had fun at Pop Pop & Granny Jan's house

Ice Cream at the Candy Kitchen our last night at the beach

This summer we went to Ocean City, Maryland for a fun 5 day weekend getaway. We drove down Wednesday afternoon and stayed until Monday morning. We stayed at Clints grandparents beach condo. Unfortunately the first night we had no air conditioning in the beach condo and when we got there we discovered that the refrigerator did not work either. So we were unable to keep any cold items or the must have milk for the kids. This was a big bummer and we had to buy ice and borrow a cooler from Pop Pop. Luckily the a/c was fixed Thursday morning. But we had to use a cooler all week long so it felt like we were camping haha. But the kids did not mind and they were able to spend 4 days playing on the beach in the sand and in the ocean so they were happy! They were also able to spend time with both Clint's Mom & Dad. They had so much fun playing in the ocean with Granny Jan & Uncle Ben on Thursday and loved being surprised by Pop Pop! We enjoyed being able to go out to dinner twice (kid free!). Janice & I went outlet shopping in Rehoboth, Deleware (tax free!) while the kiddies napped on Thursday. Friday Clint & I rented jet ski's in the bay. That was a lot of fun. The mini vacation flew by but it was fun. Our last night there we went out to dinner in Deleware (the condo is right on the Maryland/Deleware state line) and we got ice cream at the Candy Kitchen. The drive was about 5 hours to get home. Ocean City is a nice beach but we still prefer Myrtle Beach because there seems to be more for the kiddies to do. We love Broadway at the Beach & Barefoot Landing which OC does not have anything like that. We also love the water parks and awesome kid friendly pools & lazy river at Kingston Plantation. I think next summer we will head back to Myrtle :-)

My Little Ballerina

Allie is taking a ballet/tap combo class this summer at Jessica Morgan School of Dance-She loves the class and listens to the teacher and actually pays attention!

Flashback--this is Allie when she was just 2 years old-she took a pre-ballet class at Jessica Morgan School of Dance.

Naptime Fun

Hunter loves when Alexis hops in bed with him for naptime...but I don't let her actually sleep in his bed yet because she sits up and tries to climb all over the place and could fall out. Eventually this will probably work though :-)

Cutie's Before Bed

Hunter loves Buzz Lightyear