Saturday, September 29, 2012

Groceries Cost How Much?!

After my weekly grocery shopping trip to Walmart I am always shocked when the cashier says those dreaded words "Your total is...." It seems like each week our grocery bill is increasing more and more. I am still shopping on a 'budget' and buying about the same items that I usually do but it seems like the prices must be going up. My 'budget' is $130/week and this includes vitamins, toiletries and diapers. However, here lately our grocery total has been as much as $160/week. I have noticed that our family now consumes not one but two loaves of bread each week along with two gallons of 2% milk for the kids. Clint and I drink 1% milk.

The top 5 items our family consumes each week are:

1. Bread-honey wheat by Nature's Own
2. 2% milk-Great Value brand (Walmart)
3. applesauce-Great Value brand (Walmart)
4. banannas
5. Kraft sliced cheese

Now that Allie is going to school I am packing her lunches everyday. Her school lunch consists of a ham & cheese sandwich, applesauce, small bag of dorito's and fruit snacks or pudding for dessert. She also takes a 'snack' for the afternoon which is usually a box of raisin's or cereal bar.

Bottom line-it looks like I need to increase our grocery budget!

September Photo Shoot

Alexis is becoming more and more of a toddler...16 mos. now

Group Pic before bed


Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Hard to believe that it is already officially FALL! The month of September has flown by. Last week Allie picked up a cold at school which spread quickly through our house. Poor Alexis was affected the worst and had a 102 fever for two days along with a bad cough and runny nose. Plus Alexis has not one but two molars coming in so she was not a happy camper. She went to the doctor and we were told she had a virus and there was nothing they could really do for her. She broke out in a rash on Friday and after calling the doctor back I was told that the rash was just another symptom of the virus and not to worry. Poor baby girl!

We are hoping to visit the pumpkin patch tomorrow if the weather is nice. We will be able to check off a few of the things on our "fall bucket list"-hay ride, pumpkin patch, corn maze, etc. For the past three years we have talked about going to pick apples at Carter Mountain Orchard in Charlottesville, VA but we just never make it there. This year we are determined to take the kids, so assuming nobody gets sick, we are hoping to go the weekend before Halloween. The views are great from atop the mountain and I think the kiddies will enjoy picking apples. I love apple pie and the kids love applesauce so it seems like a great plan ;-)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kindergarten Orientation

We met Allie's Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Byrd last Friday at Kindergarten Orientation. Her teacher has a Master's in teaching from VCU. We have heard great things about her and look forward to the school year. At Orientation the students were able to see their classroom, ride on the school bus and meet their teacher. Allie enjoyed the morning and we found out that two children from Allie's preschool class are going to be in her Kindergarten class.

Allie & Mommy outside of the classroom

Allie & Daddy outside of the classroom

Allie sitting at her desk

Allie's Classroom

We Have A Kindergartener?!

Can you believe that Allie is an official Kindergartener?! Today was her first day of school and she was SO excited! She ate her breakfast:
Then she watched some Disney Channel on the couch with Hunter. I packed her lunch:

And at 8:30 we had a little photo shoot on the front porch:

Allie picked out her outfit and of course it was a skirt (she loves skirts!)
Then at 8:45 am we got in the van and drove to the bus stop. Allie was really excited to be riding the bus to school!
at the bus stop
Then the big yellow school bus arrived:
Happy 1st day of school Allie!