Wednesday, March 16, 2011

31 Weeks Prego

Very Pregnant Mommy!

Baby Alexis sure is getting bigger by the day...
Funny I always seem to be pregnant on major holidays such as Halloween (prego with Hunter), Thanksgiving & Christmas (prego with Alexis), my birthdays, and of course the 'girl scout cookie' season. This never seems to be in my favor due to the fact that on all of the listed above holidays massive amounts of candy, sweets and special occassion dinners occur...HAHAHA

Hunter's 1st Build A Bear!

Hunter picked out a puppy today at BuildABear

He was so excited and loves to hug and kiss him!

Thanks Gigi & Poppy! Allie wanted to name the puppy Miller :-)

Story Time with Daddy

Allie and Hunter love reading books, especially before bed. Hunter will pick out books and bring them to us to read to him. So cute! He could sit for hours just reading books when he is tired at night.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hunter's Big Boy Bed

16 months old

Hunter now has a 'big boy' bed in his room

Hunter is still sleeping in his crib but we wanted him to get used to seeing his new bed in his room. He will probably transition to the bed in 4 or 5 months so that we can move the crib into Allie's room for baby Alexis once she begins to sleep thru the night. Hunter says thank you to Mom Mom for the new mattress and thank you to Gigi & Poppy for the new pbk comforter & sheets :-) Everything looks soo cute!

Trip to the Zoo with my Little Monkey's

mommy's little monkey's

Hunter loved the giraffe's

We even did the 'safari' train ride with Gigi!