Monday, May 2, 2011

Allie's 4th Birthday

the birthday girl wanted to eat a pink poptart for her birthday breakfast

anxiously waiting to open her pretty pink presents

gotta have some 'educational toys' :-)

she had been wanting a princess cash register for months!

pretend food

birthday girl and mommy (9 mos prego!)

Little Mermaid cupcakes!

Allie had a great 4th birthday! She kicked off her birthday weekend with a visit to Monkey Joe's (I forgot my camera!) and had a blast jumping on the moon bounces. Hunter even got to jump on a few! Then we went to ToysRUs and I told Allie she could pick out 1 toy under $10. Out of all of the toys she chose princess books! We could've just gone to a bookstore! haha Then we had lunch at Chickfila. Saturday we went to the Zoo with Gigi. We had been wanting to visit the zoo one last time before baby Alexis' arrival and Saturday the weather was perfect. By Sunday mommy was so tired from all of the birthday activities. It was SO nice to not have to worry with having a big birthday party or cleaning the house, setting up for a party, making goodie bags, etc. We had Papa John's pizza for dinner at the request of the birthday girl followed by cupcakes from Ukrops bakery. Allie enjoyed playing with her new toys and the party was over in 2 hours. I think we will start having small parties every year for birthdays until the kids are older and have more friends at school. It is a big expense to have big parties not to mention a lot of work!

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