Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bye Bye Binky's

I did not want to put it in writing until it was official but Ms. Allie Rae has officially given up her binky addiction! She said bye bye to the binky's last weekend and for the past 7 nights has slept perfectly without them. I had been telling her that once she turned 4 we had to give them up, the dentist had even told her it was time to say bye bye binky's because they had caused her teeth to shift. Finally she was ready last weekend to give them up. She only cried once all week for a binky and I am thinking it was because we were at Gigi's house and Allie likes to be 'babied' there. But she did not get a binky and she hasn't asked for them again. Go Allie! What a big girl!!

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