Friday, June 19, 2009

Daddy Turns 30!

Clint turned 30 on June 6th and to celebrate I planned a surprise birthday dinner at Yamato Japanese Steakhouse. The day started out with Clint being surprised when neighbors started asking him about his birthday, he had yet to see the big bright yellow sign I placed on the front porch for everyone to see! We went to the zoo for the day and Clint thought we were going to dinner, just the three of us. When we arrived at the restaurant he was quite surprsied to see sitting at the table his mom & step father, my parents, our friends Amelie & Troy & my aunt & uncle. Next came yet another surprise (usually Clint does not even like to celebrate birthdays yet alone have cake, ice cream and presents, etc.) when we got home from dinner we sang happy birthday and had ice cream cake followed by his big birthday present being brought inside, his new 6 burner stainless steel Char broil grill! He said that was the first birthday since he was ten years old that he enjoyed & was so surprised that he had no idea about any of the plans.

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