Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Round 1

I joke that each year we have three rounds of Christmas...round 1 being when we celebrate Christmas with Clints Mom, round 2 when we celebrate with his Dad & round 3 when we celebrate on Christmas morning with my parents. The kids love it and I think it is fun to space it all out this way so that we are not bombarded with so many presents to open in one day. This gives the kids time to enjoy their gifts as well.

We celebrated Christmas "Round 1" last weekend with Debbie & Walt. They babysat the kids so that Clint and I could have a date night too. We went to the shooting range & had a surprisingly fun time shooting a 9 mm and a 22mm. We also went out to dinner at my favorite place-Olive Garden.

I also hosted my first annual cookie exchange on Sunday, it was a lot of fun and I had pretty good attendance. I hope to start this as a yearly tradition! The cookies were all so yummy & did not last long in the house :-)

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