Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

We hope everyone had as wonderful of a Christmas as we did! The Christmas weekend flew by, we went to the 'band driven' church service Christmas Eve at 5 o'clock with Gigi & Poppy. The service was great however the baby was fussy & Clint missed almost all of the service because he was walking around with the baby to calm her down. Hunter was restless and did not want to sit, I am thinking next year we should go to the children's service! After church we went to dinner at Crab Louie's, a Christmas tradition. The meal was great-crab dip being my favorite! After dinner we came home and Clint sprinkled the front yard with the 'reindeer food' that Allie had made at preschool. We tucked the kiddies into bed at 9:30 pm (very late) and left cookies out for Santa.

Christmas morning the kids slept in until 8 am and we actually had to wake Hunter up! Gigi & Poppy came over at 8:30 am. The kids came downstairs to see if Santa had been to see them. After checking out stockings, they ate a quick breakfast and then opened presents! Hunter was so excited and Allie could not stop climbing onto her new Pinkalicious bike that Santa brought her. After opening presents under our tree Clint made a big breakfast for everyone-bacon, scrambled eggs, belgian waffles & toast.

After we refueled Poppy & Clint brought in all of the presents from Gigi & Poppy & Aunt Sharon & Uncle Barry-this took several trips! haha The kids were SO excited to get to open even more presents-Hunter was running around the den saying "More Presents! More Presents!" Let's just say that our den looked like ToysRUS afterwards. Allie got a new pink pbk chair, books, "Purplelicious" book & pj's, etc. Hunter got a ride on dump truck, choo choo train, Mega Blocks, etc. Alexis Grace got "Sophie the Giraffe" (the world's top teething toy for baby's according to the website along with other goodies such as Pedi Ped shoes, etc.

Our kids were SPOILED this year to put it bluntly, but they still stopped to remember the true meaning of Christmas...."Baby Jesus' Birthday" as Hunter said. They sang happy birthday and Allie asked me "Why do we get presents if it's Jesus' birthday?" Ask Gigi I said. Haha

Santa did not forget Mommy & Daddy...Santa brought mommy a Pandora bracelet, CHI hair straightner & pink power drill. Daddy got RayBan sunglasses from Santa in his stocking & a mechanics tool set from Mommy!

We hope to use our Christmas money from my Aunts & Uncles & my parents to go to Disney World this spring (early May...possibly to celebrate Allie's 5th birthday). Thank you to everyone for thinking of us and our children this Christmas & for all of the wonderful presents, surprises & baked goodies-we love all of you!

Christmas Eve-on the way to church

Christmas morning-about to go downstairs to see what Santa brought!

Hunter checking out what Santa brought

Allie on her Pinkalicious bike from Santa

Sweet baby girl opening her stocking

Hunter & his new Choo Choo train from Aunt Sharon & Uncle Barry

Allie in her new Purplicious pj's & matching book from Aunt Sharon & Uncle Barry

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