Monday, December 28, 2009

Hunter's First Christmas

Santa made a stop at our house this year! We woke up around 8 am Christmas morning to see that Santa had brought Allie & Hunter lots of goodies! Allie got a big doll house she had been asking for and Hunter got a crawl through farm. They were very spoiled by not only Santa but Gigi & Poppy! Allie opened all of her (and Hunter's) gifts from Mommy & Daddy and then by 9 am Gigi & Poppy arrived. We had our big traditional breakfast with belgian waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, etc and then went in for round 2. Allie opened present after present and one by one her doll house quickly became filled with lots of goodies. Baby Hunter got his first pair of baby Uggs, clothes, a choo choo train, 'baby's first toolbox', and lots of books. Christmas was a lot of fun, the day flew by and by 1 o'clock Allie had fallen asleep. Mommy & Daddy did not really exchange gifts this year as the new stainless steel appliances we purchased back in October were our 'early Christmas present' to each other. Hunter was only 6 weeks old on Christmas Day so I am sure next Christmas will be much more enjoyable for him :-)

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