Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve

This year we decided to try out the children's Christmas Eve service at our church which was held at 3 o'clock. This service had more children than I had ever seen in one place-the whole auditorium was packed! Allie was even a little taken back by all of the people and was not her usual happy self. Hunter slept through the whole service and did great, as usual. The service was an interactive service where they ask the children in the congregation to participate and come up on the stage, but Allie was not interested. After church we went to dinner at Crab Louie's or as Allie calls it 'Crab Loulie's' haha.

The children were out late that night and by the time we got home and put them to bed we had forgotten all about leaving milk and cookies out for Santa. But luckily Santa still stopped at our house...

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