Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Is Offically Here!

Allie enjoyed Kindergarten so much this year! She rode the school bus every single day. She never did buy lunch at the school cafeteria. I asked her several times if she would like to, but she always said no thanks. I don't really blame her though. Allie's favorite subjects were reading, math and art and music class. She made a lot of new friends and she was invited to a lot of birthday parties this year.
Allie learned so many things this year! From learning to read, add and subtract and she even learned how to use an I Pad in computer class! It is funny how much the times have changed, when I was in Kindergarten they didn't even have computers in schools. Now the school has a computer and an I Pad for each child to use! Allie's classroom had a high tech promethium board instead of the standard chalk board.
Congrats to Allie for passing Kindergarten! First grade here we come!

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