Saturday, September 29, 2012

Groceries Cost How Much?!

After my weekly grocery shopping trip to Walmart I am always shocked when the cashier says those dreaded words "Your total is...." It seems like each week our grocery bill is increasing more and more. I am still shopping on a 'budget' and buying about the same items that I usually do but it seems like the prices must be going up. My 'budget' is $130/week and this includes vitamins, toiletries and diapers. However, here lately our grocery total has been as much as $160/week. I have noticed that our family now consumes not one but two loaves of bread each week along with two gallons of 2% milk for the kids. Clint and I drink 1% milk.

The top 5 items our family consumes each week are:

1. Bread-honey wheat by Nature's Own
2. 2% milk-Great Value brand (Walmart)
3. applesauce-Great Value brand (Walmart)
4. banannas
5. Kraft sliced cheese

Now that Allie is going to school I am packing her lunches everyday. Her school lunch consists of a ham & cheese sandwich, applesauce, small bag of dorito's and fruit snacks or pudding for dessert. She also takes a 'snack' for the afternoon which is usually a box of raisin's or cereal bar.

Bottom line-it looks like I need to increase our grocery budget!

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