Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Fun

Summer will be over in just a few short weeks. It has been a fun, relaxing summer! We have enjoyed sleeping in, not having to set alarm clocks to rush out the door, having no set schedules, etc. I have to admit I am not looking forward to having to set the alarm again. This school year Allie will have to be out the door and at the bus stop by 8:55am! Last year, she had to be at preschool at 9:30, which felt super early at the time!

The kids have enjoyed going to the playground, the new Chesterfield Children's Museum (located literally 1 minute away from our house), the beach, swimming pool, Sweet Frog for ice cream, RompNRoll "Princess & Knights" camp, Vacation Bible School, RISE Soccer camp and of course many trips to Target & Chickfila.

Grocery shopping at CMOR

train ride at CMOR

playing in the diner at CMOR

Alexis' favorite summer time activity!

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