Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Allie's 5th Birthday-Part 1

Presents in the mail from Pop Pop & Granny Jan

princess Allie in her new Cinderella costume

Getting ready for the party

birthday cupcakes made by Mommy

birthday girl opening presents from Gigi & Poppy
a new backpack for Kindergarten!

time to bust the butterfly pinata

took about 100 hits before falling to the ground!

group picture-10 preschool friends

cupcake time!

present time!

Nintendo DS--pink of course--from Mom Mom

Allie had a great birthday party at the house with 10 of her preschool friends. Of course it rained so the 'outdoor' party quickly turned into an 'inside party' which resulted in organized chaos. The kids spent about 15 minutes making foam butterflies and the other hour and 45 minutes running around the house, busting the pinata, playing and running around the house some more. Luckily Gigi & Poppy were there to babysit Alexis upstairs to keep her nice and safe from the rowdy big kids. Hunter did surprisingly well and played nicely with Allie's friends. Allie was SO excited for her friends to come to her house and play.

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