Saturday, March 24, 2012

Inspiration For Girl's Bedroom Makeover

Alexis Grace is going to be moving into Allie's bedroom in a few months so I have been busy brainstorming idea's to update the bedroom. There are 3 things I am focusing on: bright colors, making the most of every space and plenty of storage! With two children sharing one bedroom storage is bound to become an issue at some point. The bedroom has a small closet and one dresser currently in the bedroom. Allie's clothes take up most of the dresser drawers but I have been able to move things around to allow for one dresser drawer to be devotated to Alexis' clothes. Clint added three shelves to the closet for shoes and I purchased a 'shoe organizer' to hang on the inside of the closet door to provide for easily accessible space for Allie's socks, underwear and hairbows.

Some adorable girl's bedroom designs that I love include the following:
Pottery Barn Kids

love the above bed canopies
would love this bookcase for the bedroom

Currently the GIRL'S ROOM has the following pieces:

Pottery Barn Kids Island Comforter and sheets

Pottery Barn Kids Madison Chandelier and pink shades
set of 2 twin sized white wicker headboards
PBK Toy Bucket
PBK Pink Chair

We will be moving Alexis' crib to Allie's bedroom in May. We are hoping that all of the furniture will fit and still allow for room to play. Allie is really excited to share her room with Alexis. I am hoping to get creative and paint some wooden letters to spell out both of their names to hang on the wall above their beds. Any ideas? Leave me a comment below :-)

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