Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Alexis' Eye Exam

Alexis had her very first eye exam at Virginia Eye Institute today. She was referred by her pediatrician due to the fact that she has had a discharge in her eyes mainly in the morning after sleeping all night. Some mornings she is fine and other mornings the poor baby can not even open her eye it is so full of 'goo' as we call it. We thought it was allergies and were ready to have the carpets steamcleaned. I had thought that she was allergic to the pet dander that was possibly left behind from Miller. Anyways, the eye doctor determined the cause of the problem....she is just too chubby :-) Good news! The doctor said that her fat little cheeks are pushing up on her lower eye lids causing the eye lashes on the bottom to rub on her eye and cause them to water. This is a common problem especially with Chinese babies according to the doctor. This should correct itself as she grows and her face matures.

I did learn that Alexis has an astigmatism in both of her eyes, the doctor did a full eye exam on her. The astigmatism is very slight and she was born with it. Glasses may be in her future but it is too soon to tell. So now I am wondering if Allie and Hunter have an astigmatism also? They have never been to the eye doctor. Looks like we will be scheduling eye appointments for everyone soon!

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