Saturday, September 3, 2011

Earthquake & Hurricane All In One Week?!

The 5.9 earthquake hit Richmond on Tuesday August 23rd at 1:51. We were at my parents house and the kids had just gone down for a nap about 45 minutes prior. My mom and I were watching a dvd and I remember saying to her "turn it up, that jet flying over your house is so loud"...then after a few seconds of the 'loud noise' the house started shaking, literally the tea cups on display on the table beside the couch were rattling. The house literally shook for at least fifteen seconds. It was almost comical when my mom exclaimed "it's an EARTHQUAKE" because that's just not something you expect to ever hear living on the East coast. I almost laughed at her and said no it can't be but as the house continued to shake it was surreal. I ran upstairs and woke up Hunter who was in the baby crib fast asleep. Then I ran into the guest bedroom where Allie had been awoken by the rumbling. She was pretty scared and confused. We ran outside and waited for a few minutes wondering if there would be another, bigger one to follow. I tried to use my cell phone but service was out. We were still not for sure that it was an earthquake but after about ten minutes went inside and turned on CNN and of course the headline read "Breaking News: 5.9 Earthquake Hits Richmond Va". The epicenter was only about 40 miles away in a small country town called Mineral, Va. We have had 15 aftershocks in the weeks following the earthquake, some as big as 4.9.

Five days later Hurricane Irrene made an appearance in Richmond, taking down many tree's and taking out power for 75% of Richmond. We luckily only lost power for a grand total of 2 hours on Saturday night. Our power lines are all underground so we rarely loose power. My parents lost power for 4 days and are still without Comcast tv. The hurricane was mostly a wind hurricane producing up to 55 mph winds here. We luckily did not have any tree's fall on the house, but we did have a tree fall in the backyard behind the fence. The kids slept in the den the night of the hurricane because of the strong winds, they thought it was a party! We set up the blow up bed and Clint slept with them. I slept upstairs with the baby in the bed with me. Besides the one downed tree we were pretty fortunate.
Sleepover the night of the hurricane!

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