Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy 1 Month Birthday Alexis Grace!

Alexis Grace is one month old today! The month has flown by! She is such a sweet baby girl. She is sleeping about 5 hours between feedings at night which is great! She is strictly breastfed and we have been giving her a bottle every few days to make sure she becomes used to a bottle (Hunter refused bottles!) We have ventured out of the house a few times since she was born-it is a lot harder to go anywhere with 3 kids vs 2. We have gone to Target and Allie was booted from her spot in the double stroller so that Hunter & Alexis could ride. We have also gone to lunch at Salisbury CC with Gigi & Poppy and to their home. Other than the doctor appointments for her check ups we have not done much else. It seems like the days are flying by. By the time everyone is dressed and fed in the morning and I have had a shower it seems like it is already time for lunch and nap. We are hoping to visit the pool next week so we'll see how that goes :-)

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