Friday, April 15, 2011

6 Things I'm Not Looking Forward To...

1. Having yet another's not so much that I want to experience labor because I already did (for 12+ hours) with Allie but now that I know what to expect it makes it a bit worse-that spinal shot I received prior to the surgery was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life!!!!

2. Not being able to eat past midnight the night before the c-section and most of the day Monday...the hospital only allows you to eat if you are approved by a dr and you can only eat jello or soup that night. I remember being so hungry and watching Clint eat chickfila that my parents brought him (thanks a lot...haha) when I was in the hospital having Allie.

3. Being woken up every 3 hours while I am trying to recover and get some sleep after having the baby for the entire length of the hospital stay-the nurses would come in at all hours to take blood, stick me with needles and check various things...not saying that I dont appreciate their work but really, do you need to wake me at 3 am to take blood?!

4. C-section recovery. I am not allowed to pick up more than 10 lbs, walk up and down the stairs more than 2 times per day or drive a car for at least the first 2 weeks that I am home. This presents a bit of a problem considering Hunter is 22+ lbs and sleeping in a crib still and eating in a high chair not to mention can not walk down the stairs...hmm Luckily Clint will be home the first 4 days that we are home from the hospital then on Monday my mom is going to come over for the week to help lift and entertain the kiddies.

5. Not being able to get in any water of any form for 6-8 weeks post surgery. No bubble baths, swimming pools, etc for me! That means I can't enjoy the pool until at least early July!

6. Sleepless nights...It feels like I just got caught back up on my sleep since Hunter was waking up every night up until he was 12 months old...and now we have to do it all over AGAIN! This time around luckily I have invested in a breast pump so that this little one will hopefully fingers crossed take a bottle from Daddy and it will allow me to not be a "cow on call" 24/7 hahah.

With this being said I do look forward to many things such as meeting and holding baby Alexis! And at least this time around Allie & Hunter will be allowed to visit us in the hospital! When I had Hunter the hospital was enforcing a strict policy that no children could visit the hospital due to the big flu outbreak.

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