Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hunter's 1st Playtime in the Snow!


Hunter loved the snow

He stayed nice and warm in his new snow suit from Granny Janny & Pop Pop

Mommy's Snow Babies

Making A Snow Angel

The snow started falling around 9 am Thursday morning and by 9:30 the roads were completely covered. The weather man had predicted anywhere from 3-6 inches but by 3 o'clock the snow had stopped (earlier than anticipated). We ended up only getting about 3 inches of snow. It was really pretty to watch all morning and Clints work ended up closing early at noon which is very rare. The kiddies had a lot of fun playing in the snow for about 20 minutes. Hunter had never been in the snow before, he loved it though and was even able to walk in the snow pretty well. I ventured out last night to get groceries so that I did not have to go out tomorrow in the snow and sure enough Walmart was picked over and there was only a handful of loaves of bread left. Richmonder's go crazy when they hear the word snow! I was lucky to at least get milk, eggs and baby food. They're calling for more snow next Tuesday, so we may have a white Christmas again this year!

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