Monday, August 9, 2010

I Should've Been A Party Planner...

I absolutely love planning birthday parties! If only money grew on tree's because I would be throwing some pretty awesome themed parties. Hunter is 9 months old today and I have already started brainstorming different themes for his big 'first birthday party'. Allie had an Elmo themed first birthday party. And I feel it is only appropriate to incorporate some type of monkey theme for Hunter's first birthday party. Surprisingly, there are actually a lot of various monkey themes for birthday parties. Sock monkey themed parties, mod monkey parties, Curious George, and the jungle theme. I am leaning towards the mod monkey themed party which consists of bright yellows and turquois colors and a big monkey face. Hunter could really care less, as most 1 year olds do not remember their party at all. However, for mommy it is a lot of fun choosing the theme, decorations, party favors, cupcakes/cake design, etc. Here is a picture of the Mod Monkey:

And adorable cake

There are so many birthday themes that I want to use for Hunter's various birthday parties. I have already thought of a few that I would like to use in the future. I realize when he is older he will be the one choosing the theme such as Cars, Toy Story, Dinosaurs, etc but for a few years I can have my say. The themes I love for little boy's birthday parties are:
1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
2. Ahoy, Party (pirates theme)
3. Barnyard birthday party complete with petting zoo (like I said if money grew on tree's....)
4. Trains themed birthday party

I never knew how much fun having a little boy would be until I finally had one. Hunter is such a laid back little guy and he is just so sweet. I am sad he is getting big so quickly but at the same time I look forward to watching him grow. Clint really can't wait for Hunter to be able to walk and run and play. He wants to turn my little baby into a football player. hahaha

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