Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hunter's 5 Favorite Things

1. Bouncer~Hunter loves his bouncer and is starting to reach out to touch the dangling toys. He will sleep in his bouncer for hours at times and it is great because it is so easy to move to different rooms.

2. Binky's~enough said.

3. Sleeper Blankets~Hunter knows when it is night time and looks forward to getting into his warm and comfy sleeper blanket. Best invention ever!

4. Bath Time~He sits quietly smiling and cooing during bath time, most babies scream and hate bath time and getting naked but he loves it! Maybe he will grow up to be a swimmer because he seems to really love being in the water :-)

5. Baby blue full body zip up 'coat'~This hooded bear coat/bunting outfit is so warm and comfy he cant not love it, he has always fallen asleep within a few minutes of being zipped up into his coat and he really seems to love it.

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