Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hunter Meets His Big Sister Allie Rae

When we got home from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon it was cold, rainy and the area was experiencing strong winds due to a tropical storm hitting the East Coast. We were glad to be home until we walked into our house to find that our heating and air conditioning had died!! Our house was freezing cold and it was already 3 o'clock, leaving us only a few hours to try to get a company out to repair the unit. The wind and rain had caused some of our outdoor wiring to come apart. Luckily Clint was able to get a friend to come out and work on the unit and by 7 pm we had heat again. Unfortunately, it was too late at that point for my parents to bring Allie over, who we hadnt seen since Sunday evening. They brought her over Friday morning and we told her to go and find baby Hunter. He was asleep upstairs so she went running and first checked his bedroom in his crib but he wasnt there. She then looked in her bedroom and finally found him in the packnplay in our bedroom. She was so excited to see him! She gave him a kiss and we woke him up and played 'ice cream' with Allie in her bedroom. She loves being a big sister however she doesnt like when Hunter cries. She will tell us 'put him to bed' when she wants alone time with us or when he is crying loudly. She gives him binky's and kisses him goodnight and really seems to be doing well with the new addition to the family.

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